2017 Recycling and Refuse Collections in Birch

Major changes were introduced in mid-June 2017.

Key changes to black bag (i.e. non-recyclable) waste collections:

For more information and FAQs about the changes, see Colchester Borough Council's website at www.colchester.gov.uk/recycling

Recycling and Refuse Collections in Birch since mid-June 2017

Black bag (i.e. non-recyclable) waste. Maximum of three black bags.
Glass bottles and jars. Cans, tins and metal lids. Foil and aerosol cans. Placed in recycling boxes.

Paper, card and cardboard in clear recycling sacks provided by the Council.
Clothes, textiles, handbags and shoes in separate clear recycling sacks from paper.
Mixed plastics: bottles, pots, tubs and trays (Please crush bottles) in clear recycling sacks provided by the Council.
Garden Waste in up to 4 garden waste sacks.

JUNE     20 27    
JULY 4 11 18 25    
AUGUST 1 8 15 22 29  
SEPTEMBER   5 12 19 26  
OCTOBER   3 10 17 24 31
NOVEMBER 7 14 21 28    
DECEMBER 5 12 19 27*    
JANUARY 2 9 16 23 30  
FEBRUARY   6 13 20 27  
MARCH   6 13 20 27  

* Christmas week collections will take place on Wednesday 27th December, not Tuesday 26th.

Recycling boxes and additional clear recycling sacks are available free of charge from various locations in the Borough, see www.colchester.gov.uk/pickuprecyclingcontainers

Food Waste Collections

Items that can be placed in food caddies for weekly collection include:

Vegetable and fruit peelings
Meat and fish - raw and cooked, including bones
Dairy products
Bread, cakes and pastries
Uneaten food from plates and dishes
Tea bags and coffee grounds
Egg shells

More information about food waste recycling and collections is available on Colchester Borough Council's website at www.colchester.gov.uk/foodwaste

For More Information:

Colchester Borough Council Recycling Hotline: 01206 - 282700.
Email: recycling@colchester.gov.uk
Website: www.colchester.gov.uk/recycling

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