2021-22 Recycling and Refuse Collections in Birch

The normal recycling and refuse collection day for Birch households is TUESDAY.

Place your recyclables and refuse clearly visible on your property boundary by 7-00am.

Collections for different recyclables alternate weekly,
except food waste which is collected weekly on Tuesdays.

The colours on the calendar below show what to put out that week.

Black bag waste. Maximum of three black bags. Non-recyclable rubbish including polystyrene, nappies, pet food, litter and waste.
Glass bottles and jars. Cans, tins and metal lids. Foil and aerosol cans. Placed in recycling boxes or suitable containers of your own (not cardboard). Separate boxes/containers must be used for glass and for cans.
Clothes, textiles, handbags and shoes From 26th April 2021 - in blue recycling sacks.

Paper, card and cardboard in clear recycling sacks provided by the Council.
Plastics: Plastic bottles, pots and tubs (Please wash and squash. Replace bottle lids) in clear recycling sacks provided by the Council. but NOT plastic film, plastic wrappers and plastic carrier bags.
With effect from March 2019, there were changes to the types of plastic the Council is able to accept for recycling. This is because it is no longer economic to recycle some types of plastic. For information about those types of plastic accepted for recycling, and those that should be disposed of in your black bin/bag, see the Plastics Recycling section below.
Garden Waste: grass, leaves, weeds, flowers, plants, hedge clippings, prunings and twigs in up to 4 garden waste sacks.

MARCH   2 9 16 23 30
APRIL 6 13 20 27    
MAY 4 11 18 25    
JUNE 1 8 15 22 29  
JULY   6 13 20 27  
AUGUST   3 10 17 24 31
SEPTEMBER 7 14 21 28    
OCTOBER 5 12 19 26    
NOVEMBER 2 9 16 23 30  
DECEMBER   7 14 21 28  
JANUARY   4 11 18 25  
FEBRUARY   1 8 15 22  
MARCH   1 8 15 22 29

Recycling boxes and additional clear recycling sacks are available free of charge. To order see Colchester Borough Council's website at https://www.colchester.gov.uk/recycling-and-rubbish

Food Waste Collections

Items that can be placed in food caddies for weekly collection include:

Vegetable and fruit peelings
Meat and fish - raw and cooked, including bones
Dairy products
Bread, cakes and pastries
Uneaten food from plates and dishes
Tea bags and coffee grounds
Egg shells

More information about food waste recycling and collections is available on Colchester Borough Council's website at www.colchester.gov.uk/foodwaste

Plastics Recycling

Plastics accepted for recycling include:
Plastic milk bottles, Fizzy drink bottles, Water bottles, Shampoo bottles, Bottles from household cleaning products, Bleach bottles;
Yoghurt pots, Cream pots, Soup pots, Salad pots, Margarine tubs, Ice cream tubs;
Plastic Meat trays, Fruit trays or punnets, Biscuit trays;
Blister packs such as packaging containing batteries, toys, tablets, Plastic plant pots, Worn out white garden sacks, Broken or unusable food recycling caddies.

Plastics that can no longer be recycled and that should go into your black bin/bag for collection, include:
Plastic bags such as Carrier bags, Bread bags, Freezer bags, Fruit and vegetable bags, Multi-pack crisp bags, Salad and sandwich bags;
Plastic film and wrapping such as Plastic nets & labels (e.g. for citrus fruits), Plastic film from magazines and newspapers, Wrapping from food products, Wrapping around multi-packs of cans, Wrapping around toilet rolls, Cling film, Plastic cereal liners, Plastic film from ready meals;
Pesticide or chemical bottles; Hard plastics like Children's toys, Milk crates;
Polystyrene, including: Polystyrene food trays (e.g. take-away boxes), Expanded polystyrene packaging (e.g. Loosefill polystyrene used for padding in packaging):
Bubble wrap, Electronic items, Plastic strapping or rope (e.g. polyrope, lock lashing straps), Aluminium Coated Plastic Pouches and Packaging, Cat Food Pouches, Crisp Bags, Video/cassette tapes or CD/DVD cases, Plastic toys, Washing up bowls, Large items such as garden furniture.

Household Items Drop-Off Service

If you need to throw away household items that aren't collected as part of the regular refuse and recycling collections, they can be disposed of using Colchester Borough Council's 'Household Items Drop-Off Service'. Items are collected from different locations in the Borough on specific Saturdays. Previously known as the Saturday Freighter Service, a refuse vehicle usually visits each location three times a year.

You can take non-recyclable items and garden waste to the refuse vehicle when it visits. Green garden waste should be brought separately so that it can be composted. The following items are NOT ACCEPTED: fridges, freezers and other electrical goods, hazardous waste such as asbestos, batteries, liquids or gas bottles, and commercial refuse.

Details of Drop-Off Service visits to Birch and Layer Breton are available on the Borough Council's website at www.colchester.gov.uk/find-saturday-collection.

For More Information:

Colchester Borough Council Recycling Hotline: 01206 - 282700.
Email: recycling@colchester.gov.uk
Website: www.colchester.gov.uk/recycling-and-rubbish

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